Secrets of cooking: using dried meats

Dried meat can be used as a snack to go or as an ingredient of various dishes. There are plenty of traditional national and fusion recipes that make perfect use of dried beef or poultry. Soups, salads, starters, roulette – you fantasy shall have no bounds discovering new combinations and implementing new ideas for dried meats. Share your own recipes with us at and we will publish them for everyone to enjoy!

And now we offer you just a few simple ideas from our cooks that could be used as a starting point fo your quest in search of new menus.

Kabardin bean soup with dried meat

Ingredients: red beans – 1/2 spoonful, 2 potatoes, 1 carrot, 1 tomato, 1 onion, 1 sweet pepper, 100 g dried meat, garlic and spices.

Fill a bowl with water and leave beans in it for the night to soak. In the morning boil the beans till it is ready, add sliced raw potatoes and a carrot. Fry tomato with onion and garlic and add to the soup. Add sliced dried meat. Let the soup boil for a while and when ingredients are soft enough add raw rings of  sweet pepper and spices. Salt to taste.

Bean salad with dried meat

Ingredients: 200 g white beans, 200 g green string bean, 150 g cherry tomato, 150-170 g dried meat, salad leaves, olive oil, lemon, black pepper. 

Leave white beans to soak for 4 hrs in water, then remove the water and refill with fresh water. Boil for 1,5 hrs till ready, add salt. Boil green beans till ready and put it into icy cold water to keep the color fresh. Slice dried meat, cut cherry tomatoes in four each, warm white beans put into a big bowl and add the other ingredients to it. Squeeze a lemon into the mixture, add salt and pepper.

Green salad with cheese and dried meat

Ingredients: 10 g green onion, 2 fresh cucumbers,  50 g Parmesan cheese, 50 g dried meat, 200 g green salad leaves. Sauce: 2-3 spoonful olive oil, 1 spoonful of mustard, 1 spoonful of lemon juice, 1 sp of balsamic vinegar, 1 sp of sesame seed, salt, pepper.  

Slice and dice the vegetables and dried meat, grate Parmesan cheese and tear the salad leaves. Mix sauce ingredients. Fry sesame seeds without adding any oil, add to the sauce. Apply the sauce to the salad and serve instantly.

Light French tomato and dried chicken salad

Ingredients:  50 g dried chicken fillet, 150 g cherry tomatoes, 2 chicken eggs, 1 spoonful of oil, green salad leaves. 

Boil eggs and peel. Wash the salad leaves, dry and put on a plate. Slice cherry tomatoes and dried fillet. Dice eggs. Put everything on the leaves, add salt, pepper and oil.

Bon Appetit!