Carorida meat drying technology

meatDrying is a method of meat preservation that prevents the growth of bacteria, yeasts, and mold through the removal of water or “dehydration” at the temperatures lower than those at which proteins start to denature.

Dehydration has been used since ancient times to preserve meat and fish; the earliest known about 12,000 B.C. used by the inhabitants of modern Middle East and Asia regions.

During drying, the meat undergoes complex biochemical changes stimulating protein-lipid structures to form and providing dried meat with its peculiar elasticity and delicate taste.

“We buy cooled veal, turkey and chicken from the local farmers whose green products are certified as organic and pure,” – Anatoly Vedentsov, the Carorida food technologist describes the production process. “We cut the meat into big lumps and marinate them for 24 hours in cool place in a mix of salt, spices and herbs. I can’t tell you the ingredients of this marinade as it is our own know-how, but I can say that it consists of natural components without additives or any other artificial stuff. We are proud to produce pure and organic foods that are preserved due to only natural means.”

After that the marinade is washed away, and the meat lumps go to the drying machine for a couple of days to be exposed to ultraviolet and get properly dried. Water is traditionally removed through evaporation. As soon as the meat is ready it is sliced and packed into special vacuum wrapping, thus preventing the product from further drying or damage.

“For dried products we use fresh wholesome veal and poultry products.” – Anatoly continues. “To have 100 grams of dried product we need from 296 to 324 grams of fresh meat.”

Carorida dried products contain salt and spices – natural preservatives that allow meat to keep all its nutrients and vitamins whole, as well providing its intense pungent taste and pleasant aroma.

Carorida products contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial additives, conservatives or preservatives, no taste modifiers, they are 100% natural for everyone who cares about their health.