No 1 in Russia: A unique Carorida technology of meat drying

For drying we buy only fresh unprocessed meat produced in the greenest ecological region of Russian province. A carefully balanced mix of spices and herbs is added to the marinade cooked in accordance with the traditional recipe, our company’s know-how.

You have a chance to peep in the secret technology we use for meat drying if you read through the tips we are going to share with you right now!

Secret No1: Black pepper and spices of exclusive quality we buy in India.

pepperIndia is the place where many spices and herbs came from. Merchants and pilgrims brought some of them to Europe and made them popular throughout many European cuisines. Dieticians bless spices for vitamins and minerals useful for our health. They are said to be high in vitamins C and A, as well as iron. Spices, especially black pepper, prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and microbes in food, preserving it well in the hot climate.

Our spices specialist who has more than 20 years’ experience in selecting and using them for culinary purpose, every year attends the Cochin Fare in Kerala state of India to buy the highest quality peppers and some other spices best for meat drying.

Black pepper we buy for meat drying grows in the South-West of India, known worldwide as Malabar Coast. This is the place where the best Malabar and Tellicherry peppers are produced.

Secret No2. Garlic processing technology.  The taste of garlic is clearly distinct in the dried product but your breath remains pure and fresh!

Garlic was brought to Europe about 5,000 years ago. In ancient Greece and Rome it served as popular medicine, Egyptian priests added it to the food of pyramid builders as a prophylactic means against any catchy diseases and used it as ritual spice for deceased pharaohs. They knew well that garlic served good for those dead or alive.

garlicTill nowadays garlic is considered the strongest natural antibiotic and the most effective virus fighter having no synthetic analogy. Besides, garlic is the best natural flavor enhancer for meat products.

Garlic is a delicious ingredient that can greatly enhance a dish, but its taste often comes at the cost of your breath. We process it before adding to the meat so that it keeps its flavor but leaves your mouth and breath clear from the smell.

Secret No3. Fresh raw meat for drying we buy from carefully chosen eco-friendly agricultural farms in the “greenest” rural areas of Russia.

Eco-farms producing veal, beef and poultry of highest quality are situated a long way from industrial enterprises or busy highways, so the kettle and birds are grown in ecologically clean environment unspoiled with toxic gases or chemical pollutants.

Vast emerald green fields with rich grass, surrounded by thick forests, warm summer and plenty of springs, natural fodders without GMOs or artificial additives and antibiotics – these are the factors providing the highest quality of Carorida dried foods. Another important issue is that Russia is one of the few countries in the world that has strict laws for GMOs: all food products need to have a special label on them if they contain as little GMO as 0.9% which is one of the lowest levels in Europe!

Cows, chickens and turkeys from the provider farms feed exclusively on organic fodder and seed without GMOs which is granted by the special certification label on the meat of the producers.