Carorida Dried Meat Products

Carorida Dried Meats are produced with unique drying technology combining the latest food industry advances and traditional approach based on national Russian, Tatar and Bashkir recipes.

One of the most popular recipes that underlie the drying process technology comes from an old story of a Tatar merchant Shakhgireyev who brought it into Tula from the South of Russia. The legend goes that this salesman was delivering a load of salt from the lake Baskunchack that lies in the vast southern steppe, and, as the road used to take many weeks, he had a good stock of dried meat on the caravan. He actually failed to complete his quest and never returned back as in Tula he met a beautiful young lady he soon married. Still, he managed to sell his salt and the rest of the dried meats at the local market so popularising this food. Very soon he had to found a food facility that supplied the Tsar’s table with goose and beef dried according to the recipe of his tatar ancestors.

Carorida Dried Meat Delicacies

assortOur products, currently the most popular with our consumers, are:

Carorida Dried Meats contain only salt and spices as natural preservatives, which allows the products to keep all nutrients and vitamins whole.

The products contain no artificial conservatives or preservatives, taste modifiers or GMOs, they are considered remarkable diet foods high in protein, ideal for everyone pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

A Unique Technology of Meat Drying #1 in Russia

For drying we use only fresh lean whole cuts of meat produced in the greenest ec0-farms of Russian rural province. For marinade we use a mix of herbs and spices which is our company’s know-how.

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