Carorida Dried Beef

govCarorida Dried Beef is a first class delicacy made of premium quality meat and natural spices and herbs.

We produce Dried Beef from  fresh cooled veal or beef whole cuts. Our unique food processing technology and original mix of spices and herbs allow meat to keep all vitamins and nutrients whole.

Dried Beef is wonderful with white and red wines as well as all sorts of beer  or other beverages. It can be served as a ready-made snack for any possible occasion be it a festive table or a picnic.

Thin slices of dried beef seem to melt in your mouth leaving an intense piquant aftertaste. You can also add it to salads or soups or use an ingredient in complex culinary masterpieces.

 100 g of Dried Beef is produced from   324 g of fresh cooled lean meat whole cuts and an original mix of natural organic spices, salt and herbs in accordance with the authentic recipe.

Our unique meat drying technology allows the product to keep vitamins and nutrients whole.

Dried Beef contains no GMOs, artificial additives, taste modifiers or preservatives. It is 100% organic meat delicacy.

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