Advantages and benefits of dried meats

Dried meat keeps well longer than other meat snacks and has higher nutritional value.

While drying, fresh meat is not exposed to any thermal treatment, so dried product keeps all microelements, vitamins and other natural components whole, which is important for sustaining health.

Dried Carorida Meats contain no GMOs being a completely organic product, rich in natural vitamins, thanks to the unique technology of drying.

We never use any artificial additives, flavors or preservatives as our unique technology of drying does not require it: natural long storage of the product is guaranteed owing to spices mix and our know-hows of meat drying.

Carorida Dried Meats are ready for serving and do not require any cooking, they are great for backpackers and travelers as well as for festive table, both as a separate dish or a component of a course.

Remarkable exquisite taste and original aroma, as well as the highest quality of the raw material used for drying, make Carorida Dried Meats the exclusive extra-class product for the most fastidious consumer.