About us

Carorida trade mark belongs to Carorida Ltd, the subsidiary of “Progress” company founded in 2002. It’s been the second decade now since we went into high-end technologies of food production and meat processing.

The company’s best food specialists has developed the new and unique technology of meat drying. The recipes of traditional Russian, Kalmyk and Tatar cuisines were used together with the latest food technologies to produce an organic meat delicacy of exclusive quality.

One of the most popular recipes that underly the drying process technology comes from an old story of a Tatar merchant Shakhgireyev who brought it into Tula from the South of Russia. The legend goes that this salesman was delivering a load of salt from the lake Baskunchack that lies in the vast southern steppe. and, as the road used to take many weeks, he had a good stock of dried meat on the caravan. He actually failed to complete his quest and never returned back as in Tula he met a beautiful young lady he soon married. Still, he managed to sell his salt and the rest of the dried meats at the local market so popularising this food. Very soon he had to found a food facility that supplied the Tsar’s table with goose and beef dried according to the recipe of his tatar ancestors.

The most popular products of our food processin facility, currently in high demand with our consumers, are dried beef, dried chicken and dried turkey fillet.

Carorida Ltd has more then 60 food professionals on its staff including processing specialists, cooks and technologists who are actually magicians! They all bring their solid working backgrounds as a valuable asset to our company, having experience in food processing giants of Russian food industry in Moscow, Kazan, Kalmykia and other regions.

Despite the economic turbulence of the recent years in Russian and international markets, Carorida Ltd continues its stable development and grows exponentially together with the demand for its meat products. Reacting quickly to the changeable market conditions, focusing on applying new technologies and on the quality of the raw and final product allow us to stay on the crest of the economic waves and to always bring our big plans to fruition.