Carorida Dried Meats

Almost transparent, thin slices of Carorida Dried Meats, salted and properly spiced, served in a savoury combination with sweet sauce and red wines is a burst of taste for a gourmet.

Carorida Dried Meats preserve all nutritious features of the raw product, high in quality proteins and natural vitamins, contains minimum fat or carbohydrates.

Organic meat products

For drying we buy cooled beef and poultry from the local farmers whose green products are certified as organic and pure. Food processing facility is situated in Tula Oblast, one of the greenest eco-regions of rural Russia.

Advantages of dried meats

Keeps up to one year, rich in proteins and nutrients.

Fresh meat is not exposed to heat while processing.

No preservatives or GMOs or artificial additives.

All vitamins and micro-elements are preserved.

Ready for serving, does not require cooking.

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Treat yourself to Carorida Dried Delicacies

Carorida Dried Meats make a perfect starter or a snack to go. It matches well with wines and beers at a festive table. Dried poultry or veal can be served as a ready dish to please your guests and yourself. Whether you are on a hiking trip or at a picnic, take a pack of Carorida Dried Meats to assuage your hunger and snatch a mouthful.

As the moisture content is low, Carorida Dried Meats keep perfectly well for months preserving all nutrients and original taste.